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PS 87 PA General Meeting Minutes, November 2022

11/30/2022 3:32 pm


PS 87 Parents’ Association 

General Meeting Agenda


Friday - 8:30 AM

PS87 Auditorium


MEETING RECORDING: Request sent to PA Presidents.

Meeting Facilitators: Meredith Thompson& Pam Unger

Board Members: Meredith Thompson, Pamela Unger, Melissa Donovan, Jill Rackmill, Megan Hoffman, Jami DeAngelis, Shoshana Jaffess, Elizabeth Battin, Marguerite Boonzaier, Sarah Emley, Andrea Bryson, Peter Battin, Anirban Dasgupta, Sarah Hansen, Shira Hudson, Lauren Sachs, Sabrina Blum, Gina Cirrito, Lora Martinez & Beatrice Yang


  • Call to order: Meredith Thompson - 8:36am
  • Administration Updates from Principal Monica - Meredith on behalf of Pam: 


      1. Community events have been lush and we appreciate all the volunteers. Book fair, One Family Under the Sun International Dinner/Dance, 
      2. Companion Running for Boys to accompany girls on the run
      3. Question about windows: Answer: Shop Drawings are being done and sent to Architecture. Jennifer is the CONSTRUCTION TEAM leader; John is our new contractor. K-Yard needs to be unblocked. John thinks it will open up this spring. Parents can call CON-ED to push along boiler hook-up. Floor needs to be refreshed. 
      4. MONICA ARRIVES: Teaching 3rd grade math currently. 
        1. Texas Masters Degree and she wanted to help through bilingual education. Monica is up for the challenge of the New 38 new students from the Asylum Seekers. 
        2. What happened? November 3rd! Email from boss. You might be assigned students to your dual language program. 2 families came in. Karen Stern came in to help translate. Some donations were needed. Cold changed from 60 to 30. Erika headed the charge as more families were arriving. Able to give clothing to all families in D3 and Middle Schools. We helped so many families in 3 days notice. 
        3. Money needed from PEP and Budget office and Superintendent. And this is after OCT 31st after Budget was finalized. We need People and Money! We used Election Day to make a NEEDS LIST
        4. Reallocation of teachers was needed to spread the spanish speakers. Need Bilingual Social Worker, English as a second language worker, we want to be ready. ENL help doubled from 40 to 80 in one day, Spanish Speakers in the main office are needed, we need supplies, etc. 
        5. The kids have been inclusive and it’s been amazing. Kids helping kids and empathy has been off the charts. 
        6. Question about how to get DOE money moving to PS87. What can parents do? Answer: work with elected officials and know what’s happening in other districts. Network and help us know what’s going on. Comptroller, Burrow President, Gail Brewer and Linda Rosenthal, ask who in the DOE has been tasked with this? 
        7. What is the long-term plan? Answer: they are new members of our community. 3700 kids are trying to be placed in some capacity of the city or just Manhattan? City isn’t sure of their full plan. Some will be deported. 60 minutes spot needs to be watched to understand what’s happening.
        8. Legal Aid and Immigration Volunteers are needed. Reach out to Jill if you know someone who can help. We cannot offer jobs but we can offer networking opportunities.
        9. Parents as Reading Partners is coming back.


  • Presidents’ Update 
  • Asylum Seekers


        1. 30 Families across many different grades
        2. Thank you all for your donations. Diapers, coats, strollers, WOW!
        3. Gina, Ericka, Sebrina, Whitney, Joan, Jill - Special thank you. 
        4. Gina and Ericka are stepping up to be Group Leaders in communications with these families and the effort to help them. Please funnel throught these two ladies to volunteer and help. 
        5. Darian Gap - 66 miles through the jungle on foot.
        6. We are out of crisis mode but they are getting an apple and chips; not 3 meals a day. 
        7. Lots of questions about logistics in integration in our school. Monica will address these bullet points. Crisis mode is over. Monica is getting more resources and substitute teachers, etc. If existing families feel that they are struggling, reach out and we can find a resource for them as well. 


  • Afterschool Report  - Pam on behalf of Ian Wildenborg
  • Treasurer’s Update - Peter, Anirban, Kim
  • Harvest Fest RESULTS (Peter and Gina) - 
  • $23,733 (Final Result even with an hour shorter)


        1. Spring Fair is next up. Theme is WET! Dunk Tank, First Saturday in JUNE. Volunteers needed. Spring fair is bigger. 


  • Vote - new budget approval - 47,000+ expenses


        1. Lapse in administrative support for 16 weeks
        2. Enrichment (Chess, NDI, etc)
        3. VOTED IN! Pam, Sabrina, and Shoshana - No opposed.
        4. Looking at closing TD and Fidelity. Looking at CDs. Healthy reserves. Air Purifiers are one of the biggest expenses and we removed the RUGS. Not all rugs that were cleaned during the pandemic needed tio be removed. 
        5. To Open Brokerage Account would be needed for US Treasuries and we’d have a conflict of interest with Peter and the Treasurers opening and running that account. Maybe someone could investigate and run an Investment Board. 
        6. Question about raising too much money and if overflow goes to sister school in the BRONX like in the past. Answer: we are smaller than we used to be.


  • Membership Events 


      1. International Dinner Dance with “One Family Under the Sun” 
      2. Wednesday drinks with family was a success. 
      3. Hot Chocolate Event at Dismissal TBD
      4. Starting in January, meetups for coffee will be outside. 


  • AUCTION KICK OFF! - Sarah Hansen


      1. Auction Planning on Nov 17th happened and it was a success. Euna Kim is helping again
      2. March 25th partnered with Afterschool
      3. if you have questions or want to volunteer
      4. Theme: “ESCAPE to the TROPICS”



      1. Sunday Night to allow performers to attend and perform for PS87
      2. 7PM - one hour show
      3. Early March or May
      4. Volunteers needed - email will be sent out with date


  • One Family Under the Sun - Regine Vincent Bonet


      1. 6:30-9pm



      1. Ends tonight! 11//18 in the evening to allow those at the International Dinner Dance to attend. Open until 7pm
      2. Thank you for donations to teachers to get new books for their classrooms.


  • Other Committee Updates or Other Business?
  • Administration - Melissa 


        1. BiLaws will be circulated and we will have a month to review before they are voted in. 


  • Community Affairs - Jill Rackmill 


        1. Superintendent gives a report monthly. Lucas Lu is the President of the CEC but he’s our D3 rep as well. 
        2. 6-8 weeks ahead in another district where they received Ukrainian Refugees. 
        3. You cannot distribute cash to people in shelters
        4. Money going to special funds to places with 501c3s (synogogues and churches) that can work to clean clothes of refugees and asylum seekers. 
        5. Classes for parents in ESL. ESL Teachers want to volunteer.


  • Enrichment & Programming - Megan


        1. if you have an idea about adding a program. 


  • Afterschool - Meredith (Notes from Geronimo) 


        1. Dec 2nd Silent Disco tickets still available and it’s drop-off. 
        2. Booklet for next semester, Nov 11th or 17th for Spring Signup
        3. Positive reviews on Fall offerings and hoping to add multiples, and afterschool raffle will be coming soon
        4. Reach out to Geronimo about pick up issues. Mobile App will be added to make the pick up situation smoother.


  • School Events & Membership - Eliz & Marguerite 
  • Family Giving - Shira 


        1. Goal is 100% participation of ANY AMOUNT
        2. If you work somewhere and they offer matching, please reach out!


  • Auction - Sarah H.  
  • Fundraising - Gina
  • Wellness - Lauren


        1. Talking about breakfast with the kids
        2. Committee to be formed


  • Secretaries - Sarah E. & Andrea
  • Communications - Jami & Shoshana 


      1. Kinder - Sabrina
        1. Tours coming
        2. Tues Dec 6th, Thurs Jan 12th, Thurs Jan 19th (virtual)
        3. Volunteers needed. Kids might come along; waiting for approval.
        4. 6th grade alumni coming to help.


  • 5th - Lora & Bea 




  • Talent Show - Sarah Emley - All acts welcome, don’t know specifics yet. Will be sometime in the spring. Meeting with Monica on Dec 2nd. Email if you want to help, volunteer or submit names of kids.


  1. Adjournment - 9:52

See Appendix for Sign-up Sheet and Budget/Treasury Report


Blue - DOE
Red- School Wide (Events and Happenings for students, adults, teachers etc)
Orange - Parents Association (Events and Happenings for adults)
Green - 87Afterschool


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