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PS 87 PA Board Meeting Minutes, June 2021

7/1/2021 10:32 am

PS 87 Parents’ Association 

General Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 6/9/21

 6:30 – 7:47 pm

Type of Meeting: General Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitators: PA Presidents 

Board Members: Angie ArliaRita Kakati-ShahKim HaussmanStacey Shapiro, Ian Wildenborg, Sara Loya, Carrie Weinrib, Marissa Curry, Ross Goldstein, Amber Entenberg, Lora Martinez, Regine Vincent BonetBea YangJill Rackmill, Erica De Piero, Megan Hoffman, Gillian Mollod, Michael Griffin, Natalya Murakhver, Jennie Sparandara, Robin Krugman, Gina Pisarcyzk, Stacy Cousino 

I. Meeting Start (Rita/Angie)

II. Administration Update (Monica)

  • Last PA meeting of the year!
  • Thank you to the PA for partnering with us this year. It’s been a tough year but we’ve been working together and had a successful year. Kids are really happy.
  • Special thank you to Angie, Rita and Stacy and the after school committee.
  • Learning environment survey deadline has been extended. Only 55 families at PS87 have been completed. It is important to have the information and use it so we will be pushing for it to be completed. Jennifer will be sending more emails. 
  • Budget will probably come in on June 18th. DOE is hoping for a windfall to help with transition back to full-time schooling in the fall. 
  • Summer Rising applications are still being processed so families will hear directly from the DOE. PS87 can access applications so contact Jennifer to see if you’ve been processed and where you’ve been placed (may not be PS191). 
  • For families that are moving, please let administration know as soon as possible. Helps with planning for fall and discharging. We also want to be able to say goodbye.
  • Open house for remote families next week. The chancellor asked all schools to do that for remote families. If you are coming, please fill out the survey that was sent out on Tuesday.
  • Dual Language 
    • Monica will send an email to DL families to find out if we have enough people to have DL K-4. 
    • Will likely be K-4; probably won’t be able to have a 5th grade. 
  • Construction
    • Sidewalk shed has gone up in front and on the side of the building.
    • Monica is speaking with management to find out what they are doing so that they can plan accordingly. 
    • Trees will not be cut down.
    • Still have the same deadline so they need to work quickly.
  • End of year celebrations will be outside in different locations. Teachers will be in touch with information.
  • 5th grade moving up ceremony information will be sent out by Jennifer soon.
  • Big thank you to the 5th grade committee for yesterday’s party. Kids loved it and asked for another party. 
  • School hours for next year will be more similar to pre-pandemic schedule (likely 8:20 – 2:40).
  • Monica will send an email every other week during the summer so that she is in regular communication with everyone. If there’s something really big, she’ll hold a zoom meeting with specific information.
  • PS87 priorities for next school year:
    • Social and emotional learning for children and adults in the building – we’ve all been through trauma 
      • Have to do some healing work
      • Working with Office of Youth and Safety
      • Looking to bring in RULER program for adults and kids
      • Will help to build community
    • Learning loss 
      • Accelerated learning program – focus on learning intentions in the classroom 
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion
      • Want to focus on creating a feeling of belonging (more than just saying people are welcome into the school) 
      • Looking to create a diversity, equity and inclusion task force
  • Trying to make the next two weeks and two days the best we can for the kids and the school community
  • Angie asked about parent volunteers coming into the building in the fall such as parents as reading partners, library volunteers, etc.; Monica is hopeful.
  • Admin hours next week, Monica will let us know which day

III. Presidents’ Update(Angie/Rita)

  • Approval of May General Minutes
    • Carrie and Stacy approved
  • Afterschool update (with Stacy C.)
    • Great news, we will be able to restart after school program in the fall; won’t need an additional permit.
    • Working on hiring a new director
    • Grateful to after school committee who has worked so hard to make sure we can have a robust program in the fall
  • Hope next year will be closer to normal with more parental involvement 
  • If you are interested in committee work, events, etc. let us know

IV. Community Affairs Update (Jill)

  • Middle School admissions update
    • Office of enrollment released data about D3
      • Part of diversity initiative
      • 25% of highest performing middle schools are reserved for kids who receive free and reduced lunch and/or have lower scores on state tests.
      • This year they only used free and reduced lunch because there were no 4th grade tests last year. 
      • Results:
        • 90% of families got one of their top 3 choices (up from last year).
        • 65% matched to top choice (last year was 58%).
        • Fewer than 20 received an offer from a school that was not in their application.
      • People listed more schools this year. Last year the average number of schools was 3, this year it’s 6. 
      • Wait list closes after August. 
        • What happens to schools that have no shows or last minute moves in September? 
          • Right now it’s the wild west.
          • Area for potential advocacy.
        • New families can get a seat while people who were on the waiting list don’t get a spot. 
      • Questions about drilling down into the data:
        • For example, where are kids coming from at Booker T? Has that changed from previous years? 
    • No sibling preference this year. 
      • Area for advocacy next year.
    • If you are interested, attend CEC meetings next year. 
    • CEC election results will be announced, CEC3 includes incumbents Lucas Liu and Dennis Morgan.
    • Don’t know what next year will look like – many new CEC members so not sure what their priorities will be.

V. Treasurers’ Update (Kim)

  • See Appendix A and B for details
  • Results of the month of May were reviewed comparing results to budget and forecast (Appendix A)
  • Reviewed budget proposal for 2021-2022 (Appendix B)
    • 13 out of 14 voted to approve the budget

VI. 5th Grade Update (Robin)

  • Angie said that the 5th grade party was amazing, the kids loved it!

VII. Other updates from

  • Fundraising (Amber)
    • Next Friday there will be fun summer items given out at tables to celebrate the end of the year!
    • Need a few volunteers to help distribute at pick up.
  • Communications (Gillian)
    • Shout out to Angie and Rita for putting so much into this school year

VIII. AOB / Meeting Ends at 7:47

Appendix A

Appendix B



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Red- School Wide (Events and Happenings for students, adults, teachers etc)
Orange - Parents Association (Events and Happenings for adults)
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