Mini-Maker Faire

May 17th from 5-8pm

A Maker Faire is Show and Tell for Techy, Mechanical, Architectural, Science-ish Creations.

This event is an opportunity for PS 87 families and teachers to show off their inventions and creations and to introduce our kids to STEM through building.

Sign Up Here to show off your creation (for ideas on what to make, scroll down)

Sign up here to volunteer at the Faire

Calling All Makers!

Are you an inventor? Do you Make things? Do you have a crazy contraption that you’ve been dying to share with the world?   Then we’d like to invite you to show them off.

  • What kinds of things are you looking for? - There are all sorts of things that can be included in a Maker Faire - from Cardboard Pinball to Soda Bottle Science Experiments to Fire Breathing Dragon Cars and Light-up Greeting Cards.
  • Anything not OK? - Nothing dangerous! No fire, or sparks or explosions. (so maybe skip the dragon car this time) and nothing that requires heat.  

  • No selling! This is a show and tell ONLY. Please save the sales pitch for another time.  
  • Is this for Parents or Kids? - Both! Use it as an excuse to build something crazy with your kids this weekend.
  • Do I need to bring enough for everyone? -  We’ll have hands-on activities from our invited guests - Nerdy Derby,  MoMath, & Pixel Academy  so you don’t have to do anything more than show off your cool creation and soak up the admiration of the crowds.

Not sure what to make? Try these cool projects:

A 'neon' sign

A phenakistoscope…/animated-records-phenakistoscopes/

An LED origami flower

A pair of light up fairy wings…/fabrichacker/challenges/1494/make-wearabl…

This event is FREE and open exclusively to our school community.

If you have more questions or would like to help out in some other way, please email Abigail  >