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SUBJECT: Concerned PS 87 Parent

Dear DOE:

I am one of many parents at PS 87 very concerned about the proposed rezoning plan--one which we did not have a voice in shaping despite our school being seriously impacted by it.  Based on your own numbers, which we feel are still low, PS87 immediately goes overcapacity.  If we are being forced into this situation, we should be given the tools to survive it.  The only way to preserve a quality education and safe environment for all is in written assurance that you too support those principles.  Verbal assurances and references to outstanding regulation are well-meaning but unacceptable.  We need you to demonstrate that the DOE is committed to a successful PS 87 going forward. 

Please provide written guarantees for PS 87 that the DOE will:

  • Maintain Priority 1 status for families currently zoned for PS 87 who meet Priority 1 criteria (i.e., currently enrolled student) but are subsequently rezoned for a different school
  • Enforce UFT caps
  • Not employ breakage
  • Maintain clusters and non-instructional rooms for their current purposes
  • Not exceed six sections in K thru 4th grade or 5 sections in 5th grade
  • Not force non Dual Language classes to go over-cap to maintain the Dual Language program.

To be reassured that the DOE supports a thriving PS 87 in any scenario, we must see these commitments in writing.  We look forward to that. 


Unless your child is graduating PS 87 this year, you will be affected. And even if your child is graduating, we need your help!  We have dedicated parents who have attended CEC Zoning meetings, but it’s come up repeatedly that the voices of PS 87 parents are not being heard as much as other schools. 

More information can be found here:

·     Scenario B re-sites PS 452 to PS 191’s current location, on West 61st St.  Should PS 452 families now in the PS 87 zone choose not to relocate to West 61st street with PS 452 they have the right to register at PS 87 as they will be considered “in zone”. This will mean many additional students at PS 87.  (Approximately 260 PS 452 students live in the PS 87 zone.) 

·  Also, the DOE projected number of kindergarteners in PS 87’s zone does not account for grandfathering.  Current PS 87 families who have younger siblings but are zoned-out of PS 87, can enroll at PS 87 as long as there is still a sibling in the school.  This also increases kindergarten numbers for years to come.

·      DOE has stated that in creating their proposals, they have only looked at projected incoming kindergarten students and not students in grades 1-5.

·        The DOE is drafting a fourth scenario; it may or may not align with CEC recommendations.  We need to act now to ensure the DOE and CEC understand PS 87’s needs. We need elementary seats across the street!!

WHAT WE WORRY ABOUTThere is precedent for schools having to go OVER the 32-student cap (grades 1 – 5) and/or 25-student cap (kindergarten).

PS 87’s capacity is 908. And while we are not yet over capacity, we are very close to it.    

In 2009-2010 there were over 1,000 students at PS 87. We could return to similar numbers if we are flooded with registering students….  Overcrowding means:

o   A potential loss of art, science, music….  (Not enough rooms.)

o   Lunch at 10:30 am.  Or 1:30 pm.  (Not enough cafeteria space.)

o   Good luck getting gym! (Too many classes for one gym.)

o   Teachers having to shuffle between shared class spaces.

o   Safety concerns – imagine 1000+ children exiting just for fire drills. 

 ACT NOW Our children & teachers need us to work together to preserve a safe and productive school environment.  Our teachers constantly work to teach our children the power of their words, let us be a proud example of this. 

 Email or call the DOE/CEC and your elected officials - CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT LIST!


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Gillian Mollod,
Oct 30, 2016, 9:01 PM
Gillian Mollod,
Oct 30, 2016, 7:08 PM