PS 87 is a public elementary school located in District 3 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. A highly regarded educational environment, the school has been the recipient of many awards and honors in recent years. As its popularity has grown, and due to a recent increase in catchment population and boundaries, the school's enrollment has increased from about 450 students in the 1980s to about 850 students today.

PS 87 offers families an ethnically and economically diverse student body that is reminiscent of a miniature United Nations. Within this heterogeneous setting, students learn and flourish from a cadre of unusually creative, dedicated and talented teachers. Working with interdisciplinary units centered on core themes, PS 87 teachers develop curricula based on established guidelines. Several of our staff work as mentor teachers to their younger colleagues and have been actively involved in professional development programs. A number of teachers have been videotaped in their classrooms and used as models at teaching institutions throughout the country.

In addition to an unusually diligent teaching staff PS 87 boasts a uniquely active and committed parent body. The schools Parents Association works tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds, supply classrooms and support special programs and events.

PS 87 is a Community Studies/Classroom without Walls, participating in the District 3 Magnet School program. Here students interact with their local community in person, on paper and through technology. In addition, they experience the benefits of partnerships with New York City organizations to help them develop a sense of their individual roles in the community.

PS 87's School VISION:
PS 87 is a community of learners, encompassing children, staff and parents.  We take pride in our diversity and strive to embrace a social compact of respect and acceptance.  A central element of our vision is an effective system of formal and informal communication linking and serving all members of the community.

We are committed to:

  • An ethnically diverse student population
  • Multicultural education
  • Heterogeneous grouping of children
  • A child-centered environment within classes
  • Combining support for innovation with respect for proven methods, such as applying experiential learning to real-life situations
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment which allows risk-taking on the part of students and teachers
  • High expectations for all members of our community
  • Encouraging children to become self-directed, independent learners
  • Faculty who take pride in their profession, who trade information and resources and are open to parent involvement.
  • Curriculum enhancements include: music, dance and drama specialists; an innovative art program; a science resource center; a richly diverse library; various cultural presentations by outside organizations.
  • An active parent body that supports the staff and works tirelessly both in and out of the classroom to build and maintain a school of excellence.
  • Our joyous, energetic, creative children who are the most important piece of the PS 87 puzzle.

In addition to a heterogeneous mix within the student population, PS 87 also houses an innovative Dual Language Program which offers Spanish in an immersion setting to Spanish speaking students who need to develop their English language skills and to English speaking students who want to learn Spanish as a second language.