Advertising and Donation Opportunities

Our community partners know that the best way to reach nearly 1,000 Upper West Side families is to advertise at PS 87.

Display (Print) Ads

  • Directory: PS 87’s phone book, published each fall
  • Auction Bid Booklet: published each spring

Backpack News Sponsorship

We run a weekly 2-sided print newsletter called Backpack News that is distributed to about 900+ families each Thursday. The huge distribution makes it a great advertising option for local business like classes, party venues and restaurants.

  • For $250, a small ad (approximately 2-3 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide) will appear at the bottom of Page 2. The ad will acknowledge your support and allow you to tell readers a little bit about your business. You can design an image that will fill quarter page of 8.5 x 11 or we can design something simple.

  • For $500, businesses can have a one-page flyer stapled to Backpack News. Flyers will be printed in black ink on white paper (no color), one side of the page. You supply one copy-ready original of your flyer, and copies will be printed simultaneously with the Backpack News press run. (Sorry, but we cannot use pre-printed flyers.)

  • For $1000, we can have a one page color print flyer stapled to Backpack News.  

 For additional information about advertising in Backpack News, send an e-mail to

Donating Goods and Services
Please consider sponsoring or contributing to some of the larger fundraising events at the school. We’ll proudly help you display your own promotional materials, such as signage, flyers, take-ones or business cards, next to your contribution. Donors are always thanked in Backpack News, as well.

Ticket Donations
Consider donating tickets to theatre, music, sports or other cultural events at our annual Ticket Auction, held each November during parent/teacher conferences. Remember, the Ticket Bid Sheets are posted in the lobby, and some tickets are highlighted in articles in Backpack News. Buzz about your event can start – or grow – on the West Side.

Auction Donations
Items and services donated to our annual Auction are described in the Auction Bid Booklet. Not only do bidders review your donation description at the Auction tables and ahead of time in the Bid Booklet, but winners continue to sell your products or services after the Auction in the best way possible: word of mouth!

Your Creative Idea Here
Have a great idea for getting your name out there? Sponsor an event? Underwrite a function? Contact the Fundraising Committee at to discuss partnering opportunities.

For details about advertising at PS 87, email today!

PS 87 functions within the NYC Department of Education public school system. The PS 87 Parents Association reserves the right to refuse advertising or product promotions deemed inappropriate for elementary school children.