87 Chess Program

Chess in the classroom!
The chess program teaches your children all the rules of chess, while also imparting concepts such as position assessment, decision making based on observation and analysis, and strategic multi-step thinking that they can apply to other disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on the academics of chess, rather than competitive play.

Second grade learns the fundamentals: How the pieces move and capture; what check and checkmate and stalemate are and how they differ from each other; castling.  In short, by the end of second grade everyone should be able to play a full, legal game of chess. Some basic strategic issues will be covered.

Third Grade assumes that the above has been mastered by the student(s), but a review at the beginning of the year is the first order of business.  Then, they move on to tactical (attacking) considerations: The Pin, The Double Attack, Back Rank mate, The Skewer, Removing the Defender, etc.  All of these tactical/attacking ideas will be illustrated with the ultimate goal being Checkmate.  Higher strategic considerations (sound opening play, how to make a plan in the middlegame) are also on the docket.

PS 87 has won several trophies at various tournaments across the city.  To display these wonderful tokens, we now have a trophy case located in the lobby (just behind Officer Ayala's desk).