Spanish Dual Language Program

Dual Language programs in NYC public schools teach children the typical curriculum in English as well as in a second language. PS 87's Dual language program is available in Spanish.  Your child can be a native English speaker or an English Language Learner (ELL) to enroll in a dual language program.

PS 87's Dual Language Program successfully educates students belonging to each of these groups through a curriculum designed to foster an appreciation for one's own culture and the culture of others. Highly qualified teachers effectively plan rigorous English and Spanish language instruction in all content areas to guide students in achieving and exceeding the New York State Core Curriculum Standards. This curriculum, like the rest of our school, is community themed and project-based. Students interact with their local community in person, on paper and through technology. In addition, they experience the benefits of partnerships with New York City organizations to help them develop a sense of their individual roles in the community.

Our dual language program is a subset within our building and is a microcosm of our theme. Community studies is exemplified by celebrating our diversity and helping students communicate in an ever increasing global world. Dual language programs teach content and subjects to children in two languages. Children who are accepted into this specialized program will receive half of their week taught in English and the other half taught in Spanish. The goal is different than bi-lingual or English as a second language programs, because the idea is not to transition the student out of Spanish and into English but rather for them to become fully fluent in both languages.

If you are interested in applying to the Dual-Language Program, you can apply once you are registered for the school.  If you are applying for Kindergarten through the DOE website, please put PS 87 Kindergarten as your first choice and then PS 87 DL as your second choice.  This will ensure that if you are zoned for the school you will get into PS 87 as opposed to a placement at another DL program out of the zone.

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Gillian Mollod,
Apr 27, 2017, 3:40 PM