Public School Pre-K Programs

The Pre-K application period opens in March.

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
* Pre-K is free. Families do not have to pay to attend programs offered by the NYC Department of Education.
* Programs are available at public schools and Community-Based Early Childhood Centers
- Apply online or in-person at an Enrollment Office starting in March.
- There is no advantage to applying early. All applications submitted by the deadline will be processed at the same time.

Community-Based Organization (CBO) Pre-K Programs
- CBOs manage their own admissions; contact CBOs directly to apply.
- Admissions policies vary by CBO
- Applications are reviewed and processed on an ongoing basis until all seats are filled.

Pre-K Information Sessions
Check the DOE site for more information.

Pre-K Directory
Directories will be available in early March at public elementary schools with pre-k, Enrollment Offices, and online through the pre-k website. The directory will serve as your guide to pre-k admissions and the program options available to your child.

Further Information
For more information, visit the pre-k website or call (718) 935-2009.